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Talented, Driven, and Aspiring Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Romanah Merchant was exposed to the beauty industry from a young age. Having previously worked for well-renowned brands such as Chanel and YSL, Romanah gained a keen interest in the beauty industry. Opting to pursue a career as a Makeup artist and Hair stylist became a no-brainer as she dreamed of portraying her passion and unbelievable skill set. From the age of 18, Romanah began to teach herself various techniques as well as perfecting her art. During the period of 2015, she embarked upon her journey as a full-time freelance Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. This transition was at a sacrifice of her career as a qualified English teacher and the opportunity to teach internationally.

A significant contributor to Romanah’s success as a Makeup Artist has been her ability to identify the most suitable products for various skin types. As a result of this, she has been able to cement a reputation for the creation of her signature ‘glow look’. This pays huge dividends to the specialized blending techniques which are further complimented by her mastery in highlighting. Having started with just a dream and passion, Romanah now has built a reputable clientele list as well as thousands of followers on her social media platform. The services we cater for are; Editorial shoots, Fashion shoots, Celebrity, Bridal and occasion Makeup and Hair.

Romanah Merchant's goal whilst embarking on her career has always been to allow women regardless of size, skin type, or race to feel empowered by their beauty. A firm believer of freedom of expression, Romanah is able to portray this through her work.


Romanah Merchant

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

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